How do Kenyan Runners Train
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How do Kenyan Runners Train?
Leadership in long-distance running from 10 km to marathon is now shown by Kenyan runners. In this article
cooling down after a run
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Cool down after a running: Why do you need a cool down after a hard workout or race?
Many trainers talk and write about the benefits of a Cooling down after a hard running workout or race.
why is running economy important
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What is running economy: How to improve running economy
You will learn what running economy is, why you need to improve your running economy and how to do it.
speedwork in running
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How Many Times a Week Should I Do a Speed Run?
If you decide to run regularly and want to improve your results, you should know that the key to increasing
increase mileage
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How to Safely Increase Your Mileage
For high results, you need to run a lot: the more you run in training, the better time you show in the races.
Half Marathon pace chart
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Half Marathon Pace Chart in Miles and Kilometers
Half Marathon Pace Chart Calculator – allows you to quickly determine your desired pace and finish
Pace interval run sessions
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How to Choose a Pace for Interval Sessions
In this article, you will learn how and why to use interval running in your training plan. Interval training
Choose the Right Tempo Run
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How to Choose the Right Tempo Run Speed
Anaerobic threshold training is an effective form of training for distance runners. The main goal of
Choose a Pace for a Long Run
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How to Choose a Pace for a Long Run
In this article, you will learn how to choose the right pace for a long run. The long run is an increased