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When preparing for a race or in training, it is important for a long-distance runner to know the pace at which you need to overcome the distance in order to invest in the desired time and show the best result. Therefore, calculators for runners will facilitate the calculation of time, pace and distance, and will also help to make a layout of the distance with a negative split. Add to your favorite bookmarks ✅ and use it at a convenient time for you on your PC or phone.

Ready to run your best race? Calculate the pace and time of your future run

race pace calculator

The calculator quickly calculates the pace and time for any distance you set.

Race Predictor Calculator

The calculator will quickly give you information about future results at any distance you set, based on your previous races.

Split calculator

The calculator will quickly calculate your split for a race with a steady pace or a positive or negative split.

pace converter min mile to min km

The calculator will quickly make online conversions between miles and kilometers, speed and pace.

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