Race Time Predictor

By entering a known (recent) race time, you can predict the equivalent race time at another distance.

Race Prediction Calculator is a useful tool for beginners and experienced runners looking to improve their performance in a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon race. The calculator will calculate based on your previous running score for the next running competition. The forecasting calculator will give you information about possible future results quickly without complex analysis.

race time predictor
Marathon time predictor

How to Predict Race Time

The timing of predicting your future race is based on a mathematical formula developed by Peter Rigel. The formula for predicting race times was first published in 1977 in Runner’s World Magazine. This formula has been approved and has been adopted for many years.



T₁ is the time achieved recently on distance D₁
T₂ is the predicted time for distance D₂
D₁ is the distance over which T₁ time was achieved
D₂ is the distance for which T₂ time is foreseen

FAQ about Race Predictor Calculator

How to use the Race Predictor Calculator?

🟥 In the “Distance” field, add the distance of the race that you ran.
🟥 In the second field “Known time” add the time for which you have overcome this race.
🟥 In the “Other distance” field, add the distance that you plan to run.
🟥 In the “Predicted time” field, the time for which you are supposed to run the future race distance will appear

How does the race time calculator work?

The formula has the form:

T2 = T1 x (D2 / D1) 1.06

Where T1 is the set time, D1 is the set distance, D2 is the distance for which the time is predicted, and T2 is the calculated time for D2.

Why do you need a Race Predictor calculator?

Race Predictor is a useful calculator for beginners and experienced runners who want to predict the results of their future races. For example, you ran 10 km on the basis of the time for which you ran this distance, you can calculate the estimated time at another distance, for example, a half marathon. Of course, the calculator will not be able to give the exact time because your pace in the race will be affected by your fitness, well-being and weather conditions, as well as the terrain of the track.

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