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how to calculate pace
Marathon finish time calculator

If you are a beginner runner and are thinking about how long it will take to run your first marathon, half marathon, 10k or other distance. On this page you can calculate the values: pace, time and distance. You need to choose add 2 value to find out the third. You can calculate your running pace in miles or kilometers by choosing the unit of measure. For the experienced, fast runner, the pace calculator is helpful to set a target time and pace for a future race and run in the fastest time.

How to Calculate Running Pace

To calculate your running pace, you will need to determine the amount of time it takes you to run a certain distance. Follow these steps to calculate your running pace:

  1. Choose a distance to run

    Start by choosing a distance to run, such as 1 mile or 5 kilometers.

  2. Time yourself

    Use a stopwatch or a smartphone app to time yourself as you run the chosen distance.

  3. Calculate your time

    Once you have finished the distance, record the amount of time it took you to complete it in minutes and seconds.

  4. Divide your time by the distance

    Divide the total time it took you to complete the distance by the distance itself. For example, if you ran 1 mile in 10 minutes and 30 seconds, you would divide 10.5 (the total number of minutes it took) by 1 (the distance in miles). This gives you a pace of 10.5 minutes per mile.

  5. Convert to minutes per kilometer (if necessary)

    minutes per kilometer, you can convert your pace from minutes per mile to minutes per kilometer by dividing your pace in minutes per mile by 1.61 (the number of kilometers in a mile).

For example, if you ran 1 mile in 10 minutes and 30 seconds, your pace in minutes per mile is 10.5. Dividing 10.5 by 1.61 gives you a pace of approximately 6.5 minutes per kilometer.

What is running pace

Running pace is the amount of time in which you run 1 mi or km. Pace indicates how much time the runner spends covering the distance. Knowing your average pace, you can understand how long it will take to cover the distance.

Running pace is measured in minutes-seconds per mile or minutes-seconds per kilometer, depending on the units used. For example, a pace of 6:40 min / mile means that one mile was covered in 6 minutes 40 seconds.

The term “Average Pace” means the average number with which you have run each kilometer of distance. For example, if you run 5 miles, and you spend 40 minutes, your average pace will be 8:00 min/mi. You can check the calculation on our pace calculator.

Few people want to count their running pace on the go, you can control the running pace using a sports watch with GPS or applications on your smartphone. Our calculator will allow you to calculate in the future what pace you need to cover the distance for your target time.

When using our running pace calculator, keep in mind that running pace cannot be calculated and mathematically predicted 100%. Your pace will be affected by fatigue, weather, elevation gain, so we recommend using our split time calculator when predicting times.

How to calculate pace and time for a distance

What’s my pace?

If you’ve run a race and know your finish time but don’t know your running pace, you can use the running pace calculator, adding the distance and finishing time in the pace field will give you your average pace for your run.

What Can You Calculate with a Pace Calculator?

🟥 Pace for any distance races or training.
🟥 Time for a given distance of a race or training.
🟥 Distance that you can run if you add pace and time.

Who Uses a Pace Calculator?

Just enter two variables, your distance, and your pace, and you will know the time it takes to run the distance at a steady pace. If you focus on time: add distance and the right time and you will know what pace you need to cover the distance in the planned time.

How to calculate running pace?

Divide your run time by your distance:

Calculation formula Pace = Time / Distance

How to calculate run distance?

Divide your running time by your pace:

Calculation formula Distance = Time / Pace

How to calculate run time?

Multiply your pace by your distance

Calculation formula Time = Pace × Distance

Calculate the correct running pace for yourself

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