How to determine your marathon pace

determine your marathon pace

If you don’t know your marathon pace and want to figure it out, there is an easy way to do it. A runner running 5 km faster than 20 minutes should add 20-25 seconds to the total time it takes you to run one kilometer over a distance of 5 km. If you are running slower, add about 30 seconds to your 1 km by 5 km run time. This pace will be faster than your normal pace, but also slower than for a half marathon.

Then, with your pace, you can predict the timing of your marathon using our pace calculator.

For example: your time for which you ran 5 km was 21 minutes. So your pace per kilometer is 4:12, add 30 seconds to this pace, we get 4:42 min / km, which will be your approximate marathon pace.

Add the 4:42 pace to the calculator to find out the estimated time for your marathon and get the time 3:18.

How to determine marathon pace

Another option if you are counting in miles:

Run one mile as fast as you can. Then, to predict your target pace for a marathon, take the time in mile (seconds) and multiply by 1.3. The result is your marathon pace per mile.

For example, you ran a mile in 6:30, decompose the resulting time into 390 seconds, and 390 x 1.3 = 507 seconds, convert to minutes and get an 8:45 min/mi marathon pace for a 3:49 marathon.

You must understand that running pace cannot be calculated and mathematically predicted 100%. Fatigue, weather and climb will affect your pace.

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